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Do you have a cancer screening plan?

View Mary's Story

Mary was active and in great health. She had regular cancer screenings and after her last annual physical Dr. Korolevich introduced Galleri. “It is a simple blood draw, and it looks for a signal shared by 50 types of cancer, you should take it”.  


Mary’s results came back with a Cancer Signal Detected result with predicted Colon, Rectum Cancer Signal Origin. That was just the beginning of her journey. After diagnostic procedures she received a confirmed diagnosis for colon cancer stage II.

For Mary, taking the Galleri test and following Dr. Korolevich's advice was the key to finding cancer early. 

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Recommended cancer screenings can aid in the early detection of cancer, frequently before symptoms appear when it may be easier to treat.

Some cancer types don't exhibit symptoms until they are well advanced. For instance, colorectal cancer frequently advances to a late stage without any symptoms. Colorectal cancer can be found early, when there may be more treatment choices, by undergoing suggested routine screening tests, such as colonoscopies (for individuals over 45 years old).

Since there are now just five recommended cancer screenings, many malignancies go undetected when they could be easier to cure. You can take things a step further by incorporating Galleri, a multi-cancer early detection test, into your cancer tests.

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How the Galleri Multi-Cancer Early Detection Test Works

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